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J.B. Ugland is responsible for the management of the group's liquid assets in close co-operation with it's subsidiary Lux Nordic Wealth Management S.A (Lux Nordic), located in Luxembourg.

Lux Nordic manage assets of total NOK 5 billion and is owned by J.B. Ugland (62%) and partners in Lux Nordic (38%). The financial portfolio mainly comprises of fixed income and listed equities. We have also made several investments into London managed Private Equity Funds. In addition, from time-to-time we invest directly into smaller unlisted companies.

Rockley Photonics: High capacity data chips for use in electronics
Blu Wireless: Implementing high speed 5G wireless
Idenprotect: Protects against cyber crime
Allegra Care: UK care home manager
NRP Premium Maritime III: Direct shipping investments. Likely to end up with interests in 10-15 vessels
CLARK: Germany’s leading digital insurance broker
Vissim: Technology for vessel traffic mgt and surveillance
Stimline: Supplying offshore technology/software
Asia Innovations Group: Leading Mobile Entertainment Group

Lux Nordic

Lux Nordic Wealth Management S.A. (Lux Nordic) was established in October 2007 in Luxembourg by J.B. Ugland Holding AS and the partners of Lux Nordic Wealth Management S.A. Lux Nordic is currently managing approximately NOK 5 billion on the behalf of their clients. Lux Nordic also manages their own fund, the Lux Nordic Financial Opportunities Fund. The fund was established in November 2010 and has an average annual return of 8 percent.

In order to provide comprehensive private banking services, Lux Nordic cooperates with several renowned custodian banks. As a client of Lux Nordic, your assets are deposited with the custodian banks and covered by the Luxembourg deposit guarantee scheme. Lux Nordic's focus is long-term management and their services are customised to grow and preserve your wealth based on your financial needs and goals.

Lux Nordic Wealth Management S.A. is regulated under the supervision of Luxembourg’s regulatory authority for the financial sector (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier – CSSF).

Renewable Energy

J.B. Ugland Fornybar Energi AS, a subsidiary of the J.B. Ugland group, is responsible for managing the group’s activities within the renewable energy sector. The company owns 51 % of a small hydropower plant, Nape Kraftverk, in Fyresdal in collaboration with Skagerak Kraft AS (49 %). Nape Kraftverk has an annual production of 7,6 GWh.


J.B. Ugland's goal is to contribute to innovation and growth in the region. Therefore, from time-to-time, we invest in promising venture-businesses.  Potential commitments into smaller “venture” style investments are evaluated and executed through the following companies in which J.B. Ugland is a shareholder: Innoventus Sør, Teknova (now a part of NORCE) and Skagerak Maturo.

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